Thursday, April 23, 2009

Villanova's John Muller Going To St. Bonaventure

Villanova head football coach and athletic director John Muller announced that he has resigned his position from Villanova to take the athletic director and an assistant football coaching position at local football powerhouse St. Bonaventure. Muller, who came to the Ojai Valley eight years ago said, “I am excited about the opportunity, but Villanova has been my home for eight years. My kids love the school and it is all that they know. It will be hard to leave, but this is a wonderful opportunity.”

Muller’s resignation will be effective June 30th and a replacement has not been immediately identified. Check Wednesday’s OVN for an in depth interview with Muller.


bbman said...

Villanova's athletic program is returning to "joke" status.....first they remove their Boy's BB coach (Matt Murphy) for no real reason except for some parents who feel entitled....and will probably replace him with someone with less experience than he Muller decides to jump ship......Nova will be returning to where they were recently....athletic doormat....too bad, they had a good thing going for awhile.

Coach Mike said...

I've known John Muller for nearly seven years. Coached along side him for four seasons and against him for one. In my 14 years of coaching, he is one of the best football coaches I have ever known at any level.
Saint Bonaventure probably has no idea how fortunate it is at this time, but it soon will.
I am extremely happy for John, his wife, Cindy and their two daughters. John worked very hard to turn Villanova athletics into a respectable program, and the family sacrificed right along side him all the way. They should all receive the gratitude and respect of anyone who supports high school athletics in the Ojai Valley.
On the downside Johns departure creates a huge void that will be nearly impossible to fill unless the school honestly commits itself to a replacement who will bring the same level of dedication, tenacity, emotion, spiritual devotion and love for his players that John had. Only time will tell if the school is committed to that cause.
I wish John, the Muller family, Saint Bonaventure, and Villanova Football all the best in the coming season.

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