Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Skate Park gets temporary fix

Photo by Sunday Rylander

Volunteers of all ages came out in full force Saturday to clean and repair the temporary Skate Park in downtown Ojai.
The crew painted the front, back and sides of the half pipe, erradicated graffiti and added fresh paint, filled more than 13 bags with leaves, fixed screws sticking out of the half pipe and other ramps and fixed the fence.
They also replaced rotten wood and painted it, then used the skate light for a new feature and created a new ramp in the right corner of the park to replace the pyramid that was taken out a while back.
People also cleaned out all the trash behind the wall, weeded the planter on the back wall, picked up trash from in and around the Skate Park, replaced missing railing and cleaned up old wood and materials.
“We found two bike racks and pulled them into the Skate Park and the kids immediately started using them to put their bikes in,” said Sunday Rylander. “It was such a great experience and the kids were stoked to get the park back in shape, since we will be using it for the next seven months until demo starts on the new concrete skate park.
“Once again we were able to pull it off with no budget, donations from the many Skate Park supporters and some hard work. A special thank-you to the parents who hung out all day and shared their time and skills with everyone: Wendy Hilgers, Dave England, Mark Highlove, Carl Rylander, Moe, Michael Meagher, Judy Gabriel, Bobbi Woodz and Joanna England.”

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rose Valley hosts ultrarunners

Tea Fire relocates 33-mile endurance run to Ojai’s backcountry, kindles interest in creating annual event

By Earl Bates

As a result of forest closures due to the recent Tea Fire, a much-loved endurance run, the Santa Barbara Nine Trails, was restaged Saturday in the heart of Ojai’s backcountry.
Christened the Rose Valley 33 Mile Endurance Run, it was the official replacement for the 2008 Santa Barbara Nine Trails, a 35-mile ultramarathon that has been run annually in the hills of the Santa Barbara front country since 1990.
Runners traveled into the Ojai area for the weekend from all over California, from Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Virginia and Japan. About 100 ultrapeople embarked from the starting line and 87 found the finish at this year’s run.
Mike Swan of Santa Barbara ran the swiftest time, 5 hours, 8 minutes for an average of about 9:20 per mile.
Ultrawoman Krissy Moehl finished first place female and fifth overall in 5 hours, 27 minutes. “I love the Ojai trails,” she said. “It was a beautiful day out there and a fun group to run with.”
Among her many ultrawins in recent years, Moehl is the current women’s record holder on Colorado’s gnarly Hardrock Hundred for her incredible time, third overall, in that 2007 race. Moehl found her way to the Rose Valley run to visit friends and to aim at bettering the woman’s record she set on the Santa Barbara Nine Trails run in 2006.
Concerning the fact that Moehl outruns almost all of the men, “In long distance running it’s not about guys and girls, it is about you and the clock,” she said. “Having others out there in a race setting to push you helps, but ultimately it is about how you feel about your own performance.”
Rose Valley 33 Mile Endurance Run Race director Luis Escobar and a team of stalwart volunteers scrambled to relocate this year’s entire event onto the Ojai Ranger District after Los Padres Forest officials shut down access to the run’s normal Santa Barbara route through the Tea Fire burn area.
“Luis Escobar did an amazing job pulling together the Rose Valley run on very short notice,” said Moehl. “He was up against tough logistics with permits and many organization details and with the help of good friends was able to pull it off.”
Escobar put his energy into restaging and organizing, right up to the 7 a.m. start of the race, then adjusted his bandanna and took to the trail, cruising the course in 6 hours, 24 minutes.
“The event was great,” said David Ambrose, Ojai resident and participating runner. “The aid stations were perfectly separated and well stocked. The volunteers, as in most events, were astounding. Without them, the event could not take place.”
Considered “short” for an ultramarathon, the Santa Barbara Nine Trails has become known as an excellent late-season run, with typically beautiful Mediterranean climate and spectacular vistas from mountains to ocean.
This year’s course began in Ojai’s sister valley to the north, Rose Valley. Runners followed the steep route out of Rose Valley to the Nordhoff Ridge, continued west, ran down Gridley Trail, turned around and ran back up. The route continued west on the ridge to the top of Pratt Trail, then back east on the ridge, down Howard Creek Trail and back up to the ridge for the run northeast down to finish at the starting point in Rose Valley.
“I really enjoyed the multiple out-and-backs the course provided,” said Moehl. “We had the opportunity to cheer each other on multiple times.”
More than a foot race through the forest, this year’s event was a magnetic gathering of kindred trail spirits. These fleet-footed people seem to have gotten in touch with some natural energies that carry them through the trail miles, and it emanates from their presence.
“I truly love being out there and you have to love it to want to be out there for the longer miles and hours,” said Moehl. “You have to love it to get through the times when it doesn’t feel so good. And you have to love it to want to get out and train most days in spite of life, weather or other varying circumstances.”
In the middle of Rose Valley, the site formerly occupied by the Navy’s Seabee Training Center served as the race’s start and finish point and base camp for activities. Friday evening this normally deserted government station began its weekend reincarnation by means of a pre-race barbecue galvanized with a free-range bluegrass mix of spontaneous music.
Ojai resident and “real mountain man” Bill Kee was just getting his steel guitar warmed up when noted ultrarunner Roch Horton walked in from the edge of camp, said hello and sat down with his dobro and joined in chords. Into the evening by the gleam of friends’ little LED headlamps, deep in Ojai’s backcountry, they played. “It’s a long way from here to over yonder, My feet are feeling mighty sore, The course is marked and yet we all still wander, Because our running shoes don’t fit us anymore.” Horton sang lyrics he composed while running the awesome Hardrock Hundred through Colorado’s majestic San Juans.
Horton, a former Ojai resident now living in Salt Lake City, appreciated Saturday’s beautiful weather and an opportunity to run the trails above Ojai. “The trails are cut into steep hillsides, so you don’t want to fall off, but they are hard, runnable, a lot of vertical,” he said. “This ridge has become a little mecca for ultrarunning, you have the view of the Ojai Valley, the ocean. The founding fathers of these trails, whoever they were, need to be commended.”
Ambrose regularly runs a variety of Ojai trails, his favorites include trails of the Ventura River-Rancho El Nido Preserve, Gridley Trail, Foothill Trail and Shelf Road. “Since I’m from Ojai, I have frequently hiked and run on the trails that comprise the course, so I was very familiar with the terrain. The course offers some of the best views as it goes along the ridge.
“I’d like to see the event take hold and become a new annual trail event in Ojai. Perhaps move it to spring so as not to conflict with Santa Barbara Nine Trails.”
The Herculean and friendly Scott Jurek was on hand at the race; he said it felt good to take a little break from running. He seemed to naturally enjoy visiting friends, helping with registration and answering questions from comrade ultrarunners about diet and training.
Jurek is a phenom on feet. He sailed through seven consecutive wins, 1999-2005, at Western States; first place at Badwater, 2005-2006; first place at Hardrock Hundred, 2007; first place at the 152 mile Spartathlon, 2006-2008.
As runners met and hobnobbed during the weekend, common topics in conversation included which ultras will be on their calendars for next year. Considering Jurek’s history, the sense of curiosity was about what might be added in 2009 to his list of major wins.
Jurek said he plans to race a few more years, then retire. “I have a couple more prime years, I’m not going to do any masters runs, I started young and I’ve done a lot of races.” He liked the Rose Valley scene because “it’s low key, it’s friends, everyone has a great time out here.”
For more information of complete race results, go to

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Toads Fall In Heartbreaking Fashion, 18-14

Thacher went on the road this afternoon to take on Faith Baptist in semi-final match up and nearly pulled off the upset. The Toads had the lead late in the fourth quarter, but the Contenders capitalized on a Thacher fumble and scored the go ahead touchdown with only 3:15 to play to give them the 18-14 victory

Thacher was led by their aggressive defense and the gritty play of quarterback Austin Krause. Krause and John Callander scored Thacher's two touchdowns. See Wednesday's OVN for more details and stats from this exciting and dramatic game.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ojai Eagles J-2 Gold heads to Super Bowl Saturday

The Ojai Eagles J-2 Gold team are, bottom row, Bradley Decker, left, Darryl Williamson, Jose Guzman, Vance Saenz, Will Looker, Casey Crane and Brandon Wadsworth. In the second row are Micah Sessing, left, coach Bill Welch, coach Mark Workman, head coach Brian Wadsworth, coach Brad White and Dustin Sallen. In the third row are Steven Saenz, left, Brandon Ocheltree, Matt Woodcock, Mark Burdick, Jacob Brondyke and Tanner Workman. In the top row are M. Alex Sterling, left, Richard Johnson, Ari Carisio, Austin Wolcott, Brewster Parsons, Emmett Johnsen and Koby Welch. Not pictured: coach Gerald Deason.

By Bryan Crawford

The Ojai Eagles have one team in the Super Bowl this year and that is the J-2 Gold Eagles who went undefeated this year (9-0) and, as a member of the J-1 Division last year, were also undefeated and won the Super Bowl.
This year’s Super Bowl will be held in Santa Ynez at Santa Ynez High School on Saturday and the game time is 2:30 p.m.
The Ojai Eagles Youth Football organization wants to send a big thank-you to all the volunteers, parents, sponsors and coaches who contributed their time and resources to the league. The growth and success of the program is a direct result of their hard work, trust and dedication Thank you to the board of director’s and especially to Stephanie, who worked tirelessly to make the snack bar happen for every home game. We look forward to another great Eagles football season in 2009.
Go, Eagles!

Monday, November 17, 2008

In Depth CIF-SS Prelim Cross Country Results

NHS Boys:

2008 CIF-SS C C Prelims
Meet results can be found on the internet at www.teamtrax,net
Individual Race Results - Race 10 9:51 Div. IV Varsity Men Heat 2 (3M)
PlaceName Yr Team Time Place Name Yr Team Time
1 Oliver, Zach 12 Ontario Christian 15:39
2 petrie, charlie 12 Oaks Christian 15:51
3 Shipe, James 11 Morro Bay 16:05
4 Garcia, Andrew 11 Nipomo 16:22
5 Denlinger, Paul 12 Templeton 16:32
6 Gilbertson, John 12 Los Angeles Baptist 16:39
7 hays, hunter 12 Oaks Christian 16:46
8 Russell, Matthew 10 Nordhoff 16:56
9 Finnerty, Casey 12 Laguna Beach 16:59
10 Harris, Naftali 11 Milken Community 16:59
11 Jelstrom, Ryan 12 Morro Bay 17:01
12 Cannata, Andrew 11 Bishop Montgomery 17:02
13 Kim, David 12 Maranatha 17:04
14 Festa, Jordan 12 Laguna Beach 17:13
15 Gomez, Matt 11 Bishop Montgomery 17:16
16 Hoyt, Tyler 12 Morro Bay 17:18
17 Sanchez, Gustavo 9 Nordhoff 17:20
18 Gonzalez, Jonathan 12 Maranatha 17:21
19 Taschner, Alex 12 Desert Christian (Lncstr)17:27
20 Decker, Luke 10 JSerra 17:28
21 Sillas, Jose 12 Fillmore 17:29
22 Burke, Joey 10 Los Angeles Baptist 17:29
23 Gold, Nick 11 JSerra 17:34
24 Omatsu, Barry 10 Bishop Montgomery 17:35
25 Mattingley, Richard 11 Laguna Beach 17:36
26 Zapata, Issac 11 Twentynine Palms 17:37
27 Moss, Kory 12 Desert Christian (Lncstr)17:40
28 Hardy, Rand 12 Laguna Beach 17:44
29 Weber, Quinn 11 Morro Bay 17:46
30 Sacripanti, Brian 10 Maranatha 17:46
31 Hombo, Thomas 12 Maranatha 17:49
32 Maldonado, Christian 12 Twentynine Palms 17:49
33 Simmons, Taylor 11 JSerra 17:51
34 Johnston, Jake 11 Laguna Beach 17:53
35 Barrantes, Antero 12 Maranatha 17:58
36 huning, ryan 10 Oaks Christian 17:59
37 Cowles, Ryan 10 Nordhoff 18:00
38 Redondo, Matt 12 Los Angeles Baptist 18:01
39 Young, Alex 11 Laguna Beach 18:02
40 Olson, Jared 10 Maranatha 18:03
41 Ochoa, Miguel 12 Fillmore 18:03
42 Acosta, Aaron 11 Desert Christian (Lncstr)18:04
43 Cholat, Gregoire 12 Twentynine Palms 18:05
44 Pang, Jason 11 Cantwell-Sacred Heart 18:06
45 Hudson, John 10 Los Angeles Baptist 18:08
46 Fox, Douglas 11 Nordhoff 18:09
47 Anderson, Casey 10 Bishop Montgomery 18:10
48 Gonzalez, Wally 11 Bishop Montgomery 18:10
49 Vollmer, Daniel 12 Bishop Montgomery 18:12
50 Arroyo, Jose 11 Morro Bay 18:14
51 Anteyles, Adam 12 Campbell Hall 18:14
52 Fisher, Andy 10 JSerra 18:17
53 Richter, Brady 11 Maranatha 18:19
54 Willis, Kyle 9 JSerra 18:20
55 Lanning, Rusty 11 Nordhoff 18:24
56 Holmes, Christian 10 Los Angeles Baptist 18:24
57 Gonzalez, Paul 11 Fillmore 18:27
58 Fulcher, Andrew 12 JSerra 18:29
59 Maben, Michael 10 JSerra 18:30
60 Walczak, Tristan 10 Nordhoff 18:31
61 Byers, Colton 9 Twentynine Palms 18:32
62 Carroll, Bryan 10 Morro Bay 18:33
63 Chavez, Anthony 11 Fillmore 18:34
64 Rousseau, Rory 10 Vasquez 18:35
65 Walczak, Dashiell 12 Nordhoff 18:41
66 Acton, Scott 9 Desert Christian (Lncstr)18:42
67 Spoelstra, Andrew 12 Desert Christian (Lncstr)18:50
68 Grove, Charley 11 Bishop Montgomery 18:55
69 Van Beurdan, PJ 11 Morro Bay 18:55
70 thomson, robert 11 Oaks Christian 18:57
71 Marshall, Paul 12 Desert Christian (Lncstr)18:59
72 Mariscal, Juan 9 Fillmore 19:00
73 Myers, Sean 10 Vasquez 19:01
74 Williams, Seth 11 Serra 19:04
75 Lohman, Dylan 10 Vasquez 19:07
76 king, a.j. 9 Oaks Christian 19:13
77 Curtis, Bryan 9 Desert Christian (Lncstr)19:20
78 Boice, Alex 11 Twentynine Palms 19:21
79 Overstreet, Jared 9 Ontario Christian 19:22
80 cooper, stephen 9 Oaks Christian 19:23
81 matra, nick 12 Oaks Christian 19:23
82 Johnson, Chris 10 Los Angeles Baptist 19:24
83 Weiner, Elan 12 Milken Community 19:30
84 Kovalik, Chris 12 Campbell Hall 19:31
85 Rodriguez, Christian 9 Fillmore 19:31
86 Tafoya, Gabrial 12 Twentynine Palms 19:38
87 Magana, Joe 10 Cantwell-Sacred Heart 19:42
88 Ikowitz, Noah 12 Milken Community 19:55
89 Leonard, Austin 11 Ontario Christian 19:56
90 Lenarz, CJ 12 Ontario Christian 19:57
91 Wolnisty, Trevor 10 Ontario Christian 19:59
92 Eshman, Adin 10 Milken Community 19:59
93 Gonzalez, Alexander 9 Fillmore 20:05
94 Ross, Kevin 11 Ontario Christian 20:11
95 Will, Tobolowsky 9 Campbell Hall 20:16
96 Phillips, Cody 11 Los Angeles Baptist 20:18
97 Rollman, Jeffrey 12 Milken Community 20:19
98 Herman, Justin 12 Campbell Hall 20:23
99 Lieberman, Judd 12 Campbell Hall 20:30
100 Lurie, Hunter 12 Campbell Hall 20:32
101 Sloan, Tyler 11 Vasquez 20:48
102 Kroll, Mason 11 Milken Community 20:51
103 Friedman, Bradley 10 Milken Community 21:16
104 Amarikwa, Linus 10 Ontario Christian 21:32
105 Rose, Harry 11 Campbell Hall 21:37
106 Steward, LaShawn 12 Cantwell-Sacred Heart 22:46
15-Nov-2008 12:38 pm (for information about NOBOL Race Manager, call (888) 598-3431) 1
Individual Race Results - Race 10 9:51 Div. IV Varsity Men Heat 2 (3M)
PlaceName Yr Team Time Place Name Yr Team Time
107 Lee, will 10 Vasquez 22:48
108 Pang, John 10 Cantwell-Sacred Heart 22:51
109 Waller, Ron 10 Vasquez 23:16
110 Carrillo, Miguel 10 Vasquez 23:43
111 Gomez, Jamie 10 Cantwell-Sacred Heart 23:51
112 Lagaspi, Alex 9 Cantwell-Sacred Heart

NHS Girls:

Individual Race Results - Race 18 11:40 Div. IV Varsity Women Heat 3 (3M)
PlaceName Yr Team Time Place Name Yr Team Time
1 Hasbroouck, Catherine 11 Nordhoff 19:14
2 Hunt, Kellian 9 Whittier Christian 19:43
3 Flud, Emily 12 Oaks Christian 20:16
4 garcia, cristina 10 Oaks Christian 20:22
5 Camacho, Savannah 9 Templeton 20:30
6 Boskovich, Christian 12 Oaks Christian 20:40
7 Lucas, Cristina 12 Notre Dame (Sherman Oa2k0s:4) 5
8 Elgin, Grace 11 Templeton 20:46
9 Elgin, Hilary 11 Templeton 20:49
10 macwhirter, niki 10 Oaks Christian 20:53
11 Fisher, Loren 10 Morro Bay 20:54
12 Bernal, Camille 10 Templeton 20:55
13 D'ORNELLAS, MADISO1N0 San Juan Hills 21:04
14 Strickland, Kativa 11 Laguna Beach 21:05
15 Campos, Rica 12 Nordhoff 21:11
16 Cochrane, Carrissa 11 Templeton 21:21
17 Frye, Rachel 9 Morro Bay 21:27
18 Nokes, Mckenna 11 Laguna Beach 21:28
19 Peale, Jana 10 Notre Dame (Sherman Oa2k1s:3) 0
20 Carlson, Melissa 11 Nordhoff 21:32
21 Hoyt, Lizzy 10 Morro Bay 21:33
22 Frye, Marie 9 Morro Bay 21:34
23 Garcia, Laura 12 St. Paul 21:34
24 Artman, Gerry 11 Laguna Beach 21:44
25 cislo, fallon 11 Oaks Christian 21:48
26 HOLBROOK, CAMILLE9 San Juan Hills 21:51
27 Strickland, Natasha 9 Laguna Beach 21:56
28 Moothart, Terri 12 Morro Bay 21:59
29 Price, Catherine 12 Oaks Christian 22:00
30 huning, megan 9 Oaks Christian 22:15
31 Linker, Melissa 12 Laguna Beach 22:17
32 Escobedo, Ivone 11 Notre Dame (Sherman Oa2k2s:1) 9
33 Conroy, Colleen 11 Templeton 22:22
34 Hall, Kylee 11 Desert Christian (Lncstr)22:28
35 Parsons, Kristen 10 Desert Christian (Lncstr)22:29
36 Kennedy, Emily 9 Desert Christian (Lncstr)22:30
37 Schroeder, Charity 11 Desert Christian (Lncstr)22:32
38 Yamasaki, Parker 11 Laguna Beach 22:39
39 Chopra, Shreena 10 Oxford Academy 22:44
40 Miller, Nicole 12 San Marino 22:45
41 BELL, KATHLEEN 9 San Juan Hills 22:52
42 Rawson, Mallory 9 Notre Dame Academy 22:57
43 McComas, Caitlin 9 Nordhoff 22:58
44 Gay, Madison 11 Nordhoff 23:00
45 YOUNG, LAURA ANNE9 San Juan Hills 23:06
46 Novick, Kendall 10 Morro Bay 23:22
47 Merchant, Marisa 9 Laguna Beach 23:25
48 Catabas, Pam 12 Duarte 23:30
49 Garcia, Deborah 9 Duarte 23:56
50 Braganza, Bettina 12 Notre Dame (Sherman Oa2k4s:0) 5
51 Spoelstra, Kara 11 Desert Christian (Lncstr)24:05
52 Ramirez, Jasmine 11 St. Mary's Academy 24:07
53 Boutros, Andrea 11 Notre Dame (Sherman Oa2k4s:0) 9
54 SISOLA, KARISSA 9 San Juan Hills 24:33
55 Cotsis, Carmen 11 Nordhoff 24:41
56 Broussard, Lauren 10 Notre Dame (Sherman Oa2k4s:4) 4
57 Kemp, Kamille 10 Notre Dame Academy 24:56
58 Lepesant, Caroline 10 Alverno 24:57
59 Cox, Chelsea 11 Nordhoff 25:03
60 Gaardsmoe, Courtney 9 Notre Dame Academy 25:06
61 Farina, Julia 10 Notre Dame Academy 25:07
62 Rickhard, Hunter 9 Notre Dame (Sherman Oa2k5s:2) 1
63 Garcia, Jackie 11 Duarte 25:23
64 Yanick, Emilee 10 Desert Christian (Lncstr)25:24
65 Rode, Danielle 10 Notre Dame Academy 25:31
66 Brennan, Katie 12 Notre Dame Academy 25:37
67 Caceras, Alissa 12 St. Paul 25:51
68 Jung-Marchand, Katelyn 9 Desert Christian (Lncstr)26:08
69 Wilcox, Katlin 11 St. Monica 26:18
70 Kahn, Megan 12 St. Bonaventure 26:39
71 Wisniewski, Karen 10 Notre Dame Academy 26:41
72 Sarmiento, Gesselle 12 St. Paul 26:49
73 Lemseffer, Hana 9 Alverno 26:51
74 Davy, Audrey 10 Alverno 27:10
75 Webb, Dominique 12 St. Mary's Academy 27:34
76 Ojeda, Erica 9 St. Paul 27:57
77 Aguila, Andrea 11 St. Paul 27:59
78 Roark, Amanda 10 Duarte 28:05
79 Perez, Milchu 12 Animo Leadership 28:11
80 Aguayo, Vanessa 10 Duarte 29:39
81 Collins, Kenya 12 St. Mary's Academy 29:56
82 Akkari, Miranda 10 Alverno 30:13
83 Sanchez, Alexis 9 Animo Leadership 30:16
84 Gianna, Woodruff 10 St. Mary's Academy 30:36
85 Ascensio, Victoria 12 Alverno 30:44
86 Salas, Renita 12 Alverno 30:54
87 Shereese, Cutler 12 St. Mary's Academy 31:01
88 Mariano, Alana 12 Alverno 32:24
89 Hernandez, Marisella 10 Duarte 32:26
90 Santillan, Cindy 11 Animo Leadership 32:32
91 Correa, Karen 9 Animo Leadership 32:35
92 Hernandez, Angelica 12 Duarte 32:48
93 Thomas, Keyona 11 St. Mary's Academy 33:30
94 Lopez, Elizabeth 12 Animo Leadership 33:42
95 Zurita, Carolina 12 Animo Leadership 35:11
96 Pena, Yajahira 9 Animo Leadership 35:39
97 Bent-Mykael, Rukeyah 11 St. Mary's Academy

Thacher Boys:

Individual Race Results - Race 20 1:33 Div. V Varsity Men Heat 1 (3M)
PlaceName Yr Team Time Place Name Yr Team Time
1 Jeanson, Jake 12 Woodcrest Christian 10:52
2 Callan, Will 10 Thacher 11:24
3 Reimer, Joel 11 Thacher 11:28
4 Eshelman, Matthew 12 Bloomington Christian 11:30
5 Wintemute, Lion 11 Sage Hill 11:31
6 Giraldo, Max 12 Buckley 11:33
7 Branch, Jordan 12 Woodcrest Christian 11:38
8 Bianco, Zac 9 Woodcrest Christian 11:41
9 Matthew, Crichton 11 Saddleback Valley Chrstn11:56
10 Henry, Joel 11 Woodcrest Christian 12:01
11 Rhee, Sam 12 Thacher 12:02
12 Macmillan, Alex 11 Thacher 12:06
13 Shepard, Taylor 11 New Roads 12:09
14 Metzger, Travis 12 Viewpoint 12:10
15 Gonzalez, Jesse 10 Thacher 12:13
16 Daneshgar, Brian 10 Buckley 12:14
17 Nelson, Craig 11 Woodcrest Christian 12:14
18 Shin, Tyler 11 Oakwood 12:15
19 Goldstein, Ryan 11 Oakwood 12:16
20 Hernandez, Robert 10 Calvary Chapel (MV) 12:17
21 Salamon, Niv 11 Oakwood 12:20
22 Medina, Juan 9 Boys' Republic 12:24
23 Josh, Crichton 9 Saddleback Valley Chrstn12:26
24 Martin, Neil 10 Buckley 12:26
25 Penner, David 11 Sage Hill 12:27
26 Stanley, Slater 10 Sage Hill 12:29
27 Tyler, Rodgers 10 Saddleback Valley Chrstn12:32
28 Dominguez, Anthony 11 Pacifica Christian 12:34
29 Pyne, Joe 11 Oakwood 12:34
30 Tingle, William 10 Xavier College Prep 12:35
31 Kyle, Smith 10 Saddleback Valley Chrstn12:36
32 Fradin, Noah 10 Oakwood 12:37
33 Malana, Jason 10 Calvary Chapel (MV) 12:40
34 Encerrado, Bryan 11 Bell-Jeff 12:45
35 Zarem, Robbie 12 Oakwood 12:45
36 Buckland, Sam 10 Oakwood 12:46
37 Simon, Kyle 12 Sage Hill 12:50
38 Perez, Stephen 11 Xavier College Prep 12:57
39 Jimenez, Alex 11 Sage Hill 12:58
40 Connor, Collins 12 Saddleback Valley Chrstn13:00
41 Quiroz, Javier 11 Thacher 13:05
42 Anthony, Montes 12 Saddleback Valley Chrstn13:10
43 Justin, O'Brien 10 Saddleback Valley Chrstn13:18
44 Vaughan, Timmy 9 Pacifica Christian 13:20
45 Houle, Dylan 11 Sage Hill 13:22
46 Brito, Alemar 10 Sage Hill 13:22
47 Allison, Chris 12 Thacher 13:25
48 Clark, Isaiah 12 Boys' Republic 13:34
49 Gianola, Luciano 11 Bloomington Christian 13:49
50 Vanhal, Michael 9 Buckley 13:54
51 Anderson, Billy 9 Pacifica Christian 13:59
52 Delos Santos, Kyle 10 Calvary Chapel (MV) 14:00
53 Shavl, Alec 10 Buckley 14:04
54 Snedeker, Wiley 12 Woodcrest Christian 14:05
55 Atienza, Fred 10 Calvary Chapel (MV) 14:11
56 Rudich, Gabe 12 Buckley 14:14
57 Ramirez, Juan 10 Xavier College Prep 14:15
58 Paz, Tommy 9 Xavier College Prep 14:19
59 Hamilton, Alex 10 Calvary Chapel (MV) 14:25
60 Bisno, James 12 Buckley 14:29
61 Showalter, David 11 Woodcrest Christian 14:31
62 Crandall, Adam 10 Calvary Chapel (MV) 14:37
63 Medina, Angel 10 Xavier College Prep 14:45
64 Castro, Max 10 Xavier College Prep 14:46
65 Villegas, Jesse 10 Boys' Republic 14:52
66 Warman, Andrew 10 Xavier College Prep 15:02
67 Stolp, Zac 10 Academy Academic Exce1l5:07
68 Rodriquez, David 9 Boys' Republic 15:19
69 Canton, Andrew 11 Bloomington Christian 15:32
70 Canton, Josh 10 Bloomington Christian 15:32
71 McMillan, Zach 9 Pacifica Christian 15:44
72 Aronson, Chris 11 Pacifica Christian 16:03
73 Velasco, Adam 10 Pacifica Christian 16:11
74 Stelts, Brian 10 Calvary Chapel (MV) 16:12
75 Fleming, Jake 10 Bloomington Christian 17:12
76 Davis, Mark 9 Pacifica Christian 17:35
77 Marin, Jose 12 Boys' Republic 20:04
78 Casas, Anthony 9 Boys' Republic 20:04

Thacher Girls:

Individual Race Results - Race 29 3:23 Div. V Varsity Women Heat 2 (3M)
PlaceName Yr Team Time Place Name Yr Team Time
1 Owen, Kelly 12 Chadwick 13:00
2 Buchbinder, Jaye 10 Chadwick 13:00
3 Silverman, Dot 11 Flintridge Prep 13:06
4 Sciarra, Alexandra 11 Crean Lutheran South 13:37
5 Castaneda, Karina 10 Xavier College Prep 13:45
6 Aldag, Ariana 10 Calvary Chapel (Downey1)3:53
7 O'Connor, Sarah 12 Laguna Blanca 13:54
8 Skan, Melissa 10 Thacher 13:58
9 Mitchell, Elisabeth 11 Chadwick 14:03
10 Partos, Elise 10 Flintridge Prep 14:16
11 Hutchinson, Nicole 10 Chadwick 14:17
12 Taylor, Miller 12 Saddleback Valley Chrstn14:23
13 Smith, Zoe 10 Marywood (Palm Valley)14:32
14 Pike, Lili 10 Thacher 14:33
15 Camp, Natalie 12 Thacher 14:38
16 Tom, Vanessa 12 Laguna Blanca 14:41
17 Campbell, MacKenzie 9 Laguna Blanca 14:44
18 Stefanie, Mraule 11 Saddleback Valley Chrstn14:50
19 Snyder, Alana 9 Brentwood 14:55
20 Soroka, Jamie 9 Chadwick 14:56
21 Munoz, Thalia 10 Bloomington Christian 15:03
22 Genessa, Groos 11 Saddleback Valley Chrstn15:07
23 Quintanilla, Tanja 9 Oakwood 15:08
24 Lamb, Jenny 12 Poly (Pasadena) 15:08
25 Jacobs, Rebecca 11 Oakwood 15:10
26 Velarde, Alexia 9 Marywood (Palm Valley)15:12
27 Katelin, Walsh 12 Saddleback Valley Chrstn15:14
28 Sones, Alexis 12 Brentwood 15:17
29 Dougherty, Lauren 10 Marywood (Palm Valley)15:18
30 Shannon, Jordan 9 Laguna Blanca 15:19
31 Bong, Crystal 12 Flintridge Prep 15:19
32 Randolph, Sarah 11 Flintridge Prep 15:20
33 Szper, Lindsay 10 Chadwick 15:23
34 Scharkss, Amanda 9 Brentwood 15:27
35 Samantha, Staph 11 Saddleback Valley Chrstn15:27
36 Botello, Jessica 10 Calvary Chapel (Downey1)5:27
37 Plotkin, Lindsay 11 Brentwood 15:28
38 Gomez, Jessica 11 Calvary Chapel (Downey1)5:33
39 Watson, Briana 11 Calvary Chapel (Downey1)5:40
40 DaSilva, Sherilyn 12 Calvary Chapel (Downey1)5:41
41 Hudnut, Olivia 9 Poly (Pasadena) 15:42
42 Kim, Ellen 12 Flintridge Prep 15:45
43 Barrientos, Ingrid 11 Aquinas 15:46
44 Bugaj, Dara 12 Brentwood 15:48
45 Victoria, Hayes 9 Saddleback Valley Chrstn15:49
46 Gates-Kayyem, Britt 9 Poly (Pasadena) 15:50
47 Norman, Hannah 10 Thacher 15:56
48 Latta, Ally 12 Poly (Pasadena) 15:58
49 Panish, Diana 10 Brentwood 15:59
50 Barnes, Aziza 11 Brentwood 16:00
51 Fleming, Tori 10 Bloomington Christian 16:01
52 Shahbol, Michelle 12 Holy Martyrs 16:03
53 Shahbol, Nathalie 10 Holy Martyrs 16:05
54 Thornton, Molly 11 Poly (Pasadena) 16:08
55 Ohanian, Talin 10 Holy Martyrs 16:09
56 Sanchez, Cecily 9 Laguna Blanca 16:11
57 Castellanos, Maya 10 Flintridge Prep 16:11
58 Keuneman, Alyssa 9 Xavier College Prep 16:14
59 Burns, Katie 11 Oakwood 16:15
60 Cua, Sydnee 10 Poly (Pasadena) 16:20
61 de Rham, Georgi 11 Thacher 16:21
62 Lee, Brittany 12 Hillcrest Christian (GH) 16:24
63 Hubert, Alex 11 Flintridge Prep 16:25
64 Levin, Aliza 10 Oakwood 16:26
65 Lee, Christine 12 New Roads 16:28
66 Kathryn, McCarthy 10 Saddleback Valley Chrstn16:28
67 Dominguez, Miranda 11 Pacifica Christian 16:31
68 Brianna, Clarke 11 Calvary Chapel (Downey1)6:35
69 Dicken, Melissa 11 Sherman Indian 16:50
70 Nahai, Tara 11 Buckley 17:06
71 Wu, Adela 12 Poly (Pasadena) 17:12
72 Deixler, Hannah 12 Oakwood 17:19
73 Baez, Gabby 9 Xavier College Prep 17:23
74 Exparza, Mayra 9 Xavier College Prep 17:24
75 Solitaria, Christina 10 Xavier College Prep 17:25
76 Garcia, Elizabeth 11 Calvary Chapel (Downey1)7:25
77 Badakian, Lelac 10 Holy Martyrs 17:39
78 Dunlap, Juliana 11 Upland Christian 17:59
79 Henry, Sarah 11 Hillcrest Christian (GH) 18:01
80 Szcsepanske, Ashley 10 Bloomington Christian 18:02
81 Weiss, Charlotte 10 Oakwood 18:05
82 Suarez, Areanna 9 Xavier College Prep 18:17
83 Moradians, Alex 11 Holy Martyrs 19:23
84 Lipsey, Erin 10 Oakwood 19:24
85 Brody, Sara 10 Thacher 19:28
86 Beck, Katelyn 11 Hillcrest Christian (GH) 19:38
87 Pacheco, Melissa 11 Bloomington Christian 19:42
88 Delatorre, Eunice 9 Hillcrest Christian (GH) 19:44
89 Pacheco, Pricilla 12 Bloomington Christian 20:07
90 Sarkissian, Valentina 11 Holy Martyrs 20:09
91 Maresca, Lia 10 Marywood (Palm Valley)20:25
92 Craig, Reya 10 Marywood (Palm Valley)20:26
93 Tolbert, Korina 9 Marywood (Palm Valley)20:27
94 Briggs, Taylor 10 Marywood (Palm Valley)20:30
95 Cruz, Patricia 11 Hillcrest Christian (GH) 23:01
96 Holthaus, Angel 9 Bloomington Christian 24:24

Friday, November 07, 2008

Nordhoff Takes Out Oak Park

The Nordhoff Rangers scored a late touchdown to defeat the Oak Park Eagles tonight, 20-13. The game was close throughout and with the win, the Rangers kept their play-off hopes alive as they turn their attention to the Bishop Diego/Carpinteria game. The Rangers need Bishop Diego to win or they will need to upset Oaks Christian next week to keep their play-off hopes alive.

The Rangers' touchdowns were scored by Justin Burgess (94-yard kickoff return), Drew Rodriguez (two yard run) and Tony Johnson caught the game winning score on a 15-yard pass play. See Wednesday's OVN for details of the big win and quotes from head coach Tony Henney.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Rangers Upset By Warriors

In a game that was deserving of being played on Halloween Night, the Rangers traveled to Carpinteria to take on the Warriors and lost 18-13. The Rangers' offense did very little and was unable to score on the night. NHS scored on an interception return by Evan Hardman and on a punt return by Cody Burr.

Neither team looked efficient or comfortable with what they were trying to do, but the Warriors pulled out the win. With the loss the Rangers fall to 4-4 on the season and 1-2 in league play. See Wednesday's OVN for more details and stats.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Rangers Slide By Bishop Diego

The Nordhoff Rangers did not make it look pretty, but they came from behind to beat a game Bishop Diego football team, 14-10. The Rangers trailed 10-6 at halftime, but they played great defense in the second half to pull out the win. Touchdowns were scored by Drew Rodriguez and Parker Johnsen, but Rodriguez was knocked out of the game in the fourth quarter. With the win, the Rangers improve to 4-3 overall and 1-1 in league play. Tonight's game was Homecoming and a large crowd came out to support the Rangers. See Wednesday's OVN for detailed information to the Rangers' big win.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Heartbreak City for Rangers Tonight

The NHS Rangers fell to Santa Clara 21-16 tonight in a game that was not decided until the final horn sounded. The Rangers led 9-7 going into the fourth quarter, but then Santa Clara star Cierre Wood took over. Wood scored two electric touchdowns in the final period of play to give the Santa Clara the 21-16 advantage. Logan Crow put the Rangers up 16-15 on a 37-yard touchdown catch with only 1:13 to play. On the very next play, Wood caught a 70-yard touchdown pass to solidify the win. See Wednesday's OVN for highlights, stats and quotes from Coach Henney.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Rangers Thrash Flashes

The Nordhoff Rangers hosted the Fillmore Flashes in what was supposed to be a close game, but the Rangers came out and put a 42-7 beating on the Flashes. Junior Cody Doolittle rushed for three touchdowns and Drew Rodriguez threw for two scores, one to Quinn Jenkins and one to Evan Hardman. Alex Miotti also scored a touchdown on a blocked punt to round out the scoring for the Rangers on the night. See Wednesday's OVN highlights and quotes from head coach Tony Henney.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Rangers Top Wildcats, Keep Bucket

The Nordhoff Rangers and Villanova Wildcats met in a highly anticipated, historical non-league match up tonight and despite a lopsided 49-18 win by the Rangers, the game had plenty of drama. The Wildcats came out and smacked the Rangers, drawing first blood as they jumped out to a 10-0 lead after on quarter of play. The first quarter score woke up NHS and they scored 49 unanswered points. Touchdowns were score by Will Greenway and Chris Cox from VPS and Justin Burgess (2), Evan Hardman, Quinn Jenkins (2), Drew Rodriguez, and Trevor Leal all found the end zone for the Rangers. Burgess finished the game with 175 yards and Greenway finished the first half with 157 yards.

See Wednesday’s OVN for the highlights, stats and quotes from both coaches.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pacifica Dumps Rangers, 27-13

By Mike Miller
Nordhoff hosted Pacifica in a non-league matchup last night, but lost in a thrilling game, 27-13. The Rangers tied the score at 13-13 with 3:23 to play in the game, but the cheering would soon stop when the Tritons returned the ensuing kickoff 95 yards for a touchdown. Pacifica scored a late touchdown to make the final score 27-13. The Rangers’ touchdowns were scored by Logan Crow and Quinn Jenkins. With the loss, NHS falls to 1-2 on the season and will host neighboring Villanova on Friday night. See Wednesday’s edition of the OVN for details, stats and quotes from last night’s tough loss.

Photos by Greg A. Cooper

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rangers Defeat Santa Ynez

The Rangers went to Santa Ynez Friday night to take on the Pirates, and new head coach Tony Henney came away with his first career victory. Trailing 7-0 at the half, the Rangers scored 21 unanswered points en route to the 21-7 win. NHS touchdowns were scored by Jesus Otero, Parker Johnsen and Evan Hardman. See Wednesday's OVN for highlights and stats from the Rangers' first win of the year.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wildcats and Toads Win Openers

Both Villanova and Thacher came away with wins in their first games of the year. The Toads jumped out to a 27-0 lead and was well on their way to an easy victory over Lighthouse Christian before I left to catch the start of the Villanova game.

The Wildcats were impressive in their game against Desert Christian, winning 35-20. The game was not nearly as close as the score would indicate as Villanova dominated on both sides of the ball. For highlights and stats of both games, see Wednesday's edition of the OVN.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rangers Fall, 34-19

Nordhoff's opening game of the season was filled with highs and lows as they lost 34-19 to the visiting Pioneer Valley Panthers. The Rangers fell behind 7-0 early, but then scored 19 unanswered points to take the 19-7 lead into the locker room. Things went south for the Rangers from there and the second half belonged to the Panthers. For all of the highlights and stats, see Wednesday's edition of the OVN.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Monson takes over as Nordhoff athletic director

By Mike Miller

The Nordhoff athletic department has a new leader in Dave Monson, who takes over for Dick Sebek after six years of running Ranger athletics. Monson has coached girls’ basketball and soccer at NHS and also had some boys’ basketball coaching experience prior to coming to Nordhoff.
The new duties and responsibilities are welcome ones for Monson. He said, “I am excited and a little nervous at the same time. I am an athlete at heart and I believe in the benefits of sports for young people, so I am excited about this opportunity.”
When asked what can be expected in the post-Sebek era, Monson added, “I plan to carry on the Ranger traditions and build on what Dick has done over the years. He brought a very stable and calm approach to the position and I hope to continue that. One thing that I really hope to emphasize is giving the coaches as much time with their kids as possible. I will do more of the administrative stuff, like paperwork so that the coaches can have more time with their teams.”
Monson will also be looking to ensure that his student-athletes learn the important lessons that sports can teach. “I want the experience as a Ranger athlete to be a positive one that has lasting effects on our kids. They will get the best coaching possible and they will also learn things like teamwork, problem solving and hopefully they will gain self- confidence that will last long after they leave Nordhoff.”
The duty of working with Ojai’s youth is not one that Monson takes lightly. “The biggest influence on me as a teacher and a coach has been being a parent myself. Whenever I am working with someone else’s child, I often ask myself, how would I want my kids to be treated in this situation? That impacts my decision making greatly.”
A major area of concern for high school sports programs all over the nation is looming budget cuts and what impact they may have on their ability to function. “I will be a strong voice regarding budget cuts to our programs and I will look for creative ways to raise funding so that we can ensure that our program is financially stable. We are so fortunate that the community has been so supportive over the years and it will be important to continue those relationships,” added Monson.
Monson concluded by saying, “Winning and losing isn’t the ultimate goal. Molding and shaping young people through sports is more important than winning, but certainly bringing more championships to Nordhoff will be nice.”

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 31 Skate for the Green Schedule

Park & Ride Lot
11:30 a.m.
Registration for skating lessons: MC Street, Ollie and mini-ramp and instructional area.
One Way Board Shop and Bones Skate Team demonstrations
1 p.m.
MC Street Session for 12-and-under
1:20 p.m.
MC Street Session for 13-and-up
1:50 p.m.
Ojai Skate Team Demonstration
2:10 p.m.
Ollie session for 12-and-under
2:40 p.m.
Ollie session for 13-and-up
3:20 p.m.
Mini ramp session for 12-and-under
3:40 p.m.
Mini ramp session for 13-and-up
4 p.m.
Grand prize raffle
Chaparral Auditorium
5:30 p.m.
Autograph session with Rodney Mullen
6 p.m.
“United By Fate” movies 1, 2 and 3
7 p.m.
7:15 to 7:45 p.m.
Autograph session with Rodney Mullen

Toads tennis play finals

Thacher takes on Cate today in quest to be CIF champions

By Mike Miller

The Thacher boys’ tennis team has earned a trip to the CIF finals for the second year in a row and they will face LaSalle of Pasadena this afternoon in the Division V title match. The Toads placed second in the Condor League behind powerhouse Cate with a league record of 4-2 and an overall record of 11-3.
Since losing to Cate in their Condor League finale, Thacher has caught fire in the play-offs. The Toads faced Don Bosco Tech in the opening round of the CIF-SS Division V play-offs and beat them 13-5. The Toads then disposed of San Dimas, 15-3, and Beaumont, 14-4, before facing Segerstrom in the semi-finals.
Thacher would eventually top Segerstrom by the score of 10-8. According to Thacher coach Peter Fagan, the Toads were led in the semifinals by McCoy Becker, who swept his singles matches. Also sweeping their matches were Thacher’s No. 2 doubles team of John Lehrkind and Sean O’Brien.
Both Thacher and LaSalle ended the regular season ranked in the top four in Division V. Thacher held the No. 2 ranking while LaSalle was fourth. LaSalle knocked off top-ranked Cate in the semifinals, 11-7. The finals are scheduled to be played today at 2:30 p.m. in Claremont at the Claremont Club.
See Friday’s OVN for final results of the Toads’ quest to be crowned CIF champions.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Skate Park benefit May 31

Local skateboarders celebrate the news that a longtime skate park supporter has contacted Skate Ojai to issue a $50,000 match challenge to the community. Every donation will now be doubled, helping to reach the $350,000 goal; $227,000 has already been raised, leaving $123,000 needed by June 30 in order to build the new 10,000-square-foot concrete skate park. Check out the web site at for updates and payment options or mail or take donations to Ojai Community Bank, 402 W. Ojai Ave. For more information, call 646-3774.

Skate Ojai and the City of Ojai Recreation Department presents a Skate for the Green benefit event May 31 from noon to 4 p.m. celebrating skateboarding, the environment and Ojai youth.
There will be skateboarding demonstrations, a raffle, local food and vendors, plus instructors on hand to give tips to those with boards and helmets.
A skate contest with prizes will take place for a suggested $2 donation. The first 100 contest participants will receive goodie bags. Disc jockey Skitz and KFYV Live 105.5 FM will broadcast the event.
After the skate event, the movie “United by Fate” will be shown at the Chaparral Auditorium from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The video is a series of short films by Globe that features Mark Appleyard, Shane Cross, Jake Duncombe, David Gonzalez, Chris Haslam, Greg Lutzka, Rodney Mullen and Matt Mumford. Tickets cost $5 for kids and $10 for adults.
Mullen, a professional freestyle skateboarder, will be at the May 31 event to sign autographs and lend his support to helping to raise the $123,000 needed by June 30 in order to build the new 10,000 square-foot concrete skate park.
For more information, contact Dale Sumersille at 646-1872, Sunday Rylander at 766-1366 or go to

Ojai Valley School wins track league title

Ojai Valley School junior John Kao, center, springs out of the blocks in the 100-meter dash. Kao would go on to win the event in 11.8 seconds, helping his team win the Condor League championship.

By Fred Alvarez

The boys’ track team at Ojai Valley School ran away with the Condor League championship last week, bringing home the league title for the first time in the 40 years OVS has participated in that sport.
Junior standouts John Kao and Parker Colborn helped lead the way, as each brought home three first-place medals. Kao took first in the high jump and 100-meter run, and anchored the winning 4x100-meter relay team. Colborn ran on the winning 4x100-meter and 4x1600-meter relay teams, and took first in the 400-meter run in a time of 52.7 seconds.
Overall, the boys’ squad racked up 78 points at the meet, which involved four other Condor League schools. The meet was held at Thacher School.
“The kids ran with a lot of heart,” said OVS co-track coach Gary Dinkins, who has helped pilot the squad for nearly 35 years.
“We have a lot of talent in a small group this year,” he added. “It’s great for them to see what they can do through a total team effort.”
Other notable performers included sophomore Jesse Holguin, who took second in the high jump and third in the 200- meter run. He also ran on both winning relay teams.
Sophomore Robert Lee took second in the 3200-meter run while junior Ronald Richard took fourth in the 1600-meter run. Sophomore Paul Graham earned fifth in the shot put, fourth in the high jump and was one of the fastest members of the winning 4x1600-meter relay team.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Four earn CIF BB honors

Awards go to Thacher’s Thomas, Villanova’s Hoffman, Kolbeck, Reilley

By Mike Miller

Thacher’s Chris Thomas can now add All-CIF honors to his already lengthy list of athletic accomplishments while at Thacher. Thomas was recently named to the First Team All-Division V team after a stellar senior campaign. Thomas led the team in scoring and was a major contributor to the recent success of the Thacher basketball team.
Thomas is best known for his vicious hits on the football field and he will be taking his talents to Pitzer College in Claremont. According to Thacher basketball coach Jason Carney, Thomas will try his hand at playing both football and basketball for the Sagehens.
On the girls’ side, the Villanova Wildcats were rewarded for their incredible season by having two players named to the First Team All-Division VAA and one player earned Second Team honors. Senior Hannah Hoffman closed out her career with First Team honors. Also earning First Team honors was freshman Hannah Kolbeck. Kolbeck was one of only two freshmen in Division VAA to earn All-CIF accolades. Senior Kaitlin Reilley was named to the second team. The Wildcats won the Frontier League title, going a perfect 10-0 in league play in the process.

Rutherford returns to Ventura Raceway Saturday

Troy Rutherford celebrates a win last season with daughters Skylar, left, and Logan.

By Sondra Murphy

Ojai sprint car racer Troy Rutherford is heading back to Ventura Raceway this weekend. Rutherford’s return for the 2008 racing season has been delayed by a serious kidney condition, but his doctor has given him the green flag back to the track. “I feel 100 percent. It’s going to be a great weekend,” said Rutherford.
Last season, Rutherford won the last seven of eight sprint series races at the raceway, giving his fans and crew something to cheer for. Winning is obviously a thrill for Rutherford, but he said it is the speed that keeps him competing. “I’ve been doing it since I was 11 and it’s become an addiction, I guess,” said Rutherford. “Everyone tells me I should be playing golf, but I tell them the carts don’t go fast enough.”
He started racing go-carts out in Oxnard when he had just reached double digits. He was already helping his stepfather, Frank Sheltren, work on cars for Rick Taylor, who is the father of fellow racer, Greg Taylor. “I used to go help work on Rick’s TQ Sprints with my dad,” said Rutherford. “It seems like it was just yesterday.”
Rutherford began racing International Motor Contest Association (IMCA) Sprint Cars in 1996 and lists Rick Taylor as an early inspiration in the sport, but credits Sheltren for his success. “My old man said, ‘If you’re going to do it, do it right,’” said Rutherford. “He’s been part of my crew ever since. He’s been the one who’s pushed me along the whole time. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.”
There are many other supporters of Rutherford’s efforts. Clive Burton serves as his crew chief, while Garrett Leib and Dale Munzel round out the crew. Sheltren oversees everything. “He’s the boss,” said Rutherford of his dad. “He makes sure everything goes right.”
Munzel’s company, L & H Consulting, is Rutherford’s only sponsor. “Anything that needs to be done, he does it,” said Rutherford.
The rest of Rutherford’s family helps out, as well. Wife Leslie, and daughters Logan, 5, and Skylar, 2, regularly lend assistance. “I couldn’t do it without the support of my wife,” said Rutherford. “It takes the whole family and a group of friends willing to work together and sacrifice their own time. Even my girls come down and help. Logan helps put tools away and Skylar gets filthy helping to clean up. They’re actually mad that I haven’t been racing.”
Rutherford’s parents, Cheryl and Frank, brother Rob and sister Keri Escalante all live in Ojai and support him in his racing, as well. “I have two dads, luckily,” said Rutherford, whose day job is outside sales for Frank’s Rooter & Pumping Service.
He says that he spends about 40 hours a week on racing efforts. “It’s a second job,” Rutherford said. “It’s nothing you’re going to get rich off, but it gives me the possibility to run and have fun.”
The cost of the sport can be daunting and Rutherford would like to attract more sponsors. He estimated the basic car alone cost about $48,000 and says that winning helps cover the expenses. “I have to win every week to make it out the next week,” he said. “I was lucky enough to have Mike Sala let us use a closed trailer,” said Rutherford. “It works perfectly for local trips.”
Being out of the driver’s seat has been hard for Rutherford. “It’s been very difficult, but it gives you a different perspective on life,” he said. “Racing is not everything, but it’s something that I love to do and if I can do it, I’m going to do it.” Rutherford is ready to get back on the track and start winning races again. “There’s nothing like winning. It makes the work we’ve done all week long worth while.”

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NHS boys’ tennis holds strong

At 8-1, Nordhoff boys’ tennis team boosted by Slifkin brothers, Thorpe, veterans Ceiders, De Cordova

By Mike Miller

Nordhoff tennis coach Todd Dickey agrees with the saying, “Two is better than one,” especially when it comes to the Slifkin brothers. Adam and Josh Slifkin have led the Rangers to an overall record of 8-1 and 7-1 in Tri-Valley League play. Adam has been perfect on the season, going 24-0 in singles’ play and 3-0 in doubles. Josh is also undefeated on the season, with an 8-0 singles record and is 3-0 in doubles as well. Dickey said, “Adam has been solid all year and very consistent and Josh is very mature and he brings great leadership to our program.”
The Slifkin brothers are not the only show in town for the Rangers. Junior Chris Thorpe leads the team with 25 wins, with only one defeat. According to Dickey, Thorpe is a big hitter that uses a huge serve and powerful forehands to intimidate his opponents. In doubles, NHS has seen great play from the combination of junior Sam Ceiders and senior Mike Finley. Ceiders and Finley have gone 12-4 on the season. Dickey said, “They are both (Ceiders and Finley) veterans of our program and they have become very strong leaders.” Dickey also mentioned the doubles’ play of freshman Jacob De Cordova. He said, “Jacob has really been a pillar of confidence in doubles and he has a great team attitude.”
The NHS tennis program recently got a morale boost when new courts were installed a couple of months ago. “I have to say thank you to the school district, The Weil Tennis Academy and to ‘The Ojai’ for their support. The community came together to rebuild the courts and it has made a huge difference for our program,” added Dickey.
The Rangers have some huge matches coming up. They will travel across town tomorrow to take on Thacher at 3:45 p.m. Thacher is currently the second-ranked team in Division V. On April 2, the Rangers will host the top-ranked Division V team in Cate at 3 p.m. and then Oaks Christian will come to town the following day to play in a match that is likely to decide the Tri-Valley League title. Check the OVN for results of these matches as the Rangers look to become league champions.

NHS softball takes down Lions, 4-3

By Mike Miller

Nordhoff softball coach Don Rodarte will be sporting a new look this week. After beating the Oaks Christian Lions, 4-3, Rodarte made good on a promise to his team to shave his head. The thrilling 4-3 win over their rivals improved the team’s record to 3-6 overall and 1-2 in Tri-Valley League play.
The loss at the hands of the Lady Rangers is the first-ever Tri-Valley League defeat for Oaks Christian, according to Rodarte. He said, “After the game I told my girls that showing maturity to win games comes through game experience, whether that experience is good or bad. The important thing is to remember those experiences and learn from them.”
The game was a thriller that came down to the very last out before a winner was decided. Samantha Perez got the Rangers going with a shot to right field that got over the head of the Lions’ outfielder for a two-run home run, giving NHS the 2-1 lead. Oaks Christian battled back to take the lead in the fifth, but then McKenna Myers broke out of an early season slump with a hit that could not have come at a better time for the Rangers. Myers belted a shot to center field for an RBI double, scoring Hanna Riley. Riley, who had taken a line drive off her knee to start the game, earned the respect of her coach. He said, “It was loud and painful, however, she kept her composure and picked up the ball and threw out the batter. Hanna sucked it up and played tough the rest of the game.”
The Lady Rangers would take the lead for good when Ashley Pulido hit a solo home run. Pulido also pitched for the Rangers and kept the game close down the stretch. The drama was thick in the seventh and final inning, when an overthrow back to Pulido was picked up by Myers, who threw out the Oaks Christian runner at home. Rodarte recounted the play, “The runner took advantage of the situation and ran home, but the heads-up play and hustle of Myers and Pulido got her out on a close play.”
Kelsey Endo sealed the win by ending the drama and making the final out of the game for the Lady Rangers. The Rangers will return to action on March 29 when they face Channel Islands at 11 a.m. They will play Oaks Christian again on April 17 at Oaks Christian.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Farrar hopes to rebuild Buena

By Mike Miller

After 21 years of leading the Nordhoff Rangers football program, head coach Cliff Farrar announced last week that he is leaving to take the head coaching job at Buena High School in Ventura. Farrar’s announcement comes after a season in which the Rangers reached the CIF finals before losing to Oaks Christian. In his 21 seasons, Farrar went 150-98-2, with nine league titles, reached the CIF finals four times and the CIF semifinals four times and had a 25-15 record in CIF play-off games.
Farrar will take over a program that he feels is on the verge of great things. When asked what attracted him to Buena, he said, “I am ready for a new challenge and I think that Buena is a good fit. I have always enjoyed rebuilding teams. When I was a kid, I was always the one on the playground that would organize games and set up teams. Putting together a team and seeing it become successful is what keeps me going.” Farrar will take former player and long-time assistant coach Mike Rodriguez with him to Buena. “Mike is a big part of what I do and we are both excited for a new challenge. I can hear the excitement in his voice and we are anxious to get going,” noted Farrar.
Coaching football will not be Farrar’s only duty at Buena, he will also be teaching part-time, just as he did last year at NHS. His biggest task will be rebuilding a program that has only won nine games in the last four seasons. Farrar admits that leaving behind a program that he resurrected will not be easy. “When I came to Ojai, I wanted to establish a program that people wanted to be a part of. I wanted all of the 9- and 10-year-old boys that were looking through the fence to want to become Rangers some day. I think that we accomplished that here. I am so proud of this program and this community for all that we have been able to accomplish. It has been weird driving by the school knowing that I won’t be coaching the Rangers anymore. Everyone backed this program, from the players and parents to the band and cheerleaders. It just seemed like there was something for everyone, and that made it special.”
When asked about his most memorable moment as football coach, Farrar paused. “I don’t know if I can name just one, there were just so many. That 1991 team will always hold a special spot in my heart, though. They were the first team that truly bought into what we were trying to do. In 1990, we finished in last place in our league, but then in 1991 we won league. The 1994 team was also real special for me because both of my sons (Brian and Russell) were on that team. Kids enjoyed playing Ranger football and that has been important to me over the years,” he said.
Farrar’s parting comments to his Nordhoff family, past and present were, “I just want to say a big thank-you to all of my former players. Not many programs can say that they went to the play-offs for 16 of 17 seasons and that is due to that hard work and dedication of those players. I can’t tell you how many times people approached me after the season to say that they were surprised that we finished as well as we did and that is a testament to those kids and their effort. To the community, thank you for your support over the years. I have enjoyed it a lot. They backed us all of the time. And finally to my family, they gave me the time to do what I love. My wife, Roxanne, has been our biggest fan and she has just been great.”
Farrar added that six members of last year’s coaching staff have indicated that they would like to remain with the football program. “They are doing a nice job and will keep the kids motivated and make sure that they are ready to go next year,” said Farrar.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lady Rangers honored

Tri-Valley League basketball awards go to players, junior varsity coach

By Mike Miller

Despite a season that saw Nordhoff’s Lady Rangers basketball team miss the CIF play-offs for the first time in years, the team was recently honored by the Tri-Valley League when three of its players were named to the All-League team.
Sophomore Carmen Cotsis earned honorable mention honors for her guard play. Cotsis scored a season-high 19 points in a game against Bishop Diego. She averaged six points a contest along with 2.4 assists. Junior Nicole Bergmann, who battled through an injury most of the season, was named to the second team All-League. Bergmann serves as the Rangers’ best defender and long range shooter. She averaged 6.3 points per game this season.
Top honors went to the much- improved Hanna Riley. Riley was named first team All-League despite starting the season on the junior varsity team. She has earned the praises not only of the basketball coaches for her improvement, but head softball coach Don Rodarte also notes her inspired play on the softball field.
Junior varsity coach Gary Tuttle was also honored for his coaching ability. He was named Girls’ Junior Varsity Coach of the Year by the Ventura County Basketball Coaches Association. According to head coach Ted Cotti, Tuttle is the first NHS girls’ basketball coach to earn that honor. Tuttle led the junior varsity team to an impressive 18-1 finish.
Team award winners were:
Coaches’ Award:
Nicole Bergmann
Coaches’ Award:
McKenna Myers
Coaches’ Award:
Tanya McQueen
Most Improved:
Hanna Riley
Most Valuable Teammate:
Carmen Cotsis
Rookie of the Year:
Autumn Brobisky

Villanova BB players make All-League teams

10-0 Lady Wildcats’ hoopsters get Frontier League honors

By Mike Miller

The dust is still settling after Villanova’s girls’ basketball team excited the Ojai Valley by winning 16 consecutive games and going deep into the CIF play-offs. Head coach Sarah Angell announced earlier this week that more than half of the team was honored by the Frontier League as members of the All-League teams.
Both junior Morgan Henry-Ehritt and freshman Madison Harwell were honorable mention winners for their gritty play during the season.
Comprising the second team All-League were senior Maryrose Vigorita and sophomore Rebecca Parziale. A pair of seniors that VPS will certainly miss next year in Hannah Hoffman and Kaitlin Reilley earned first team All-Frontier League honors.
The top honor for the Lady Wildcats went to freshman Hannah Kolbeck, who was named Co-Most Valuable Player of the Frontier League in her inaugural season. While the team will need to replace its three seniors who established a tradition of winning, Angell has to like what the future holds for the Wildcats because of their young, yet accomplished, underclassmen.
VPS went a perfect 10-0 in Frontier League play before falling to Whittier Christian in the semifinals of the CIF-SS Division VAA play-offs.
Whittier Christian would go on to be crowned CIF champions. All-CIF honors will be announced later this month. Check the OVN for updates as winter accolades continue to pour in.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Heralds end ‘Cats’ run in BB semifinals

By Mike Miller

The Lady Wildcats of Villanova saw their amazing run of 16 consecutive victories come to an end last Saturday when they fell to Whittier Christian in the CIF-SS semifinals, 48-30. The loss was the second this season to Whittier Christian, who also defeated VPS back in December, 46-20. With the win, Whittier Christian will play Maranatha in the Division VAA title game next week.
In their semifinal matchup, Villanova struggled to score points and after falling behind 27-14 at halftime, their 13-point deficit proved to be too much to overcome. The Heralds were led by Jacqueline Joseph (13 points) and Kristen Schafer (12 points) and neither player missed a shot from the field in game. Both Joseph and Schafer went six for six and the Heralds shot better than 47 percent from the floor to overtake the Lady Wildcats.
“Whittier Christian was a good team, but we definitely were not outmatched,” said head coach Sarah Angell. “We just couldn't make a shot to save our lives. We shot 17 percent from the field and 37 percent from the free throw line (we shot a total of 32 free throws).
“We didn't allow Whittier Christian to score for about five minutes in the third quarter, but we weren't able to take advantage of our great defense because we couldn't seem to put the ball in the basket,” said Angell. “In a big game like Saturday's, we just couldn't afford to shoot so bad as a team.”
Villanova was led by senior Katilin Reilley, who continued her stellar play with 12 points. With the loss, VPS will bid farewell to the trio of Reilley, Maryrose Vigorita and Hannah Hoffman. The three seniors established a winning tradition at Villanova by winning an incredible four consecutive league titles.
VPS fans have a lot to look forward to in the future as well. Angell and staff will welcome back several key players, including Rebecca Parziale, who was greatly missed this season after suffering a season-ending injury.
Current freshman Hannah Kolbeck will be looking to improve over the summer and, after a terrific freshman campaign, Kolbeck could become one of the most dominant players in the county.
“Despite the loss, I am really proud of how the girls played and what they accomplished as a team,” said Angell. “They never gave up and played hard until the buzzer sounded at the end of the game.”

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Villanova bound for semifinals

‘Nova’s Hannah Hoffman, right, celebrates victory with teammates Gabrielle Root and Maryrose Vigorita. The 19-7 Wildcats will head to La Habra Saturday to face the 22-7 Whittier Christian Heralds.

By Mike Miller
If you are a fan of fast-paced basketball, you would have loved the CIF quarterfinal game that showcased Villanova (19-7) and Rosamond (23-4) last Wednesday night. Villanova battled back from a 12-point first-half deficit to beat a well coached and well-prepared Rosamond team, 74-63.
The game was much closer than the final score would show. The Lady Wildcats were slow out of the gate and fell behind 15-9 in the first quarter. Had it not been for the early play of Katilin Reilley, VPS would have been in serious trouble in the first half. Reilley scored six of the nine first-quarter points for the Wildcats and it was not until 6:42 to go in the second quarter when someone other than Reilley made a shot from the field. Enter freshman Hannah Kolbeck. Kolbeck went on a roll, scoring a game-high 27 points and nabbed 17 rebounds in the winning effort, solidifying herself as one of the area’s best young players to keep an eye on.
After trailing 36-29 at the half, head coach Sarah Angell and her staff made some adjustments and her crew executed perfectly in the third quarter. The Lady Wildcats erased their seven-point deficit and took a three-point lead into the final frame thanks to the fact that they outscored the Roadrunners 20-10 in the quarter. Senior Hannah Hoffman joined Reilley and Kolbeck in the scoring column by adding 24 points of her own, including several clutch free throws.
The Roadrunners were determined to go home with the victory and they made a couple of fourth-quarter runs at VPS that had the student body on the edge of their seats. After Rosamond’s Amanda Smith banked home a three-pointer, the VPS lead was cut to three. From there, the trio of Reilley, Kolbeck and Hoffman salted the game away with put backs, free throws and open looks as a result of crisp passes from their teammates.
Rosamond was led by Smith and her 20 points. Smith did get her fourth foul early in the third period, which contributed to the 20-10 run by VPS. Arianna Pelayo also played well, scoring 19 points, but she simply could not contain Kolbeck on the block.
After the game, Angell said, “What won that game for them was heart. It was all heart. To be down almost 10 points at halftime, and then to win by more than 10 points against this team shows heart.” When asked if the furious pace in the first half worried her, she added, “No. Our subs were just as capable as theirs. I knew if necessary, we could count on them. This was a total team effort.”
Next up for Wildcats is a familiar opponent in Whittier Christian (22-7). The two teams matched up back in December, with Whittier Christian winning, 46-20. Villanova is amuch different team now, having won 16 consecutive games and they appear to be getting stronger as the play-offs wear on.
The semifinal game will be played tomorrow. Visit for the location and time of the game as well as updates on the game as soon as they become available.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

VPS Heating Up

The Lady Wildcats hosted Rosamond tonight in a CIF quarterfinal match up and overcame a 12 point first half deficit to win 74-63. Freshman Hannah Kolbeck led Villanova with 27 points and Hannah Hoffman added 24. See Friday's OVN for the full story and quotes from VPS head coach Sarah Angell.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

‘Nova advances in finals

Wildcats girls’ hoops beat Kern Valley, 42-30

By Mike Miller
After earning a first-round bye, the Lady Wildcats of Villanova (18-7, 10-0) got their first taste of play-off basketball last Saturday when they played host to the Kern Valley Broncs (17-7, 6-4) and came away with a 42-30 win.
Despite being a low-scoring affair, the game was exciting and was closer than the final score would show. VPS set the tone early in the game with their defense and did not allow the Broncs to get many good looks at the basket. Freshman Hannah Kolbeck paced the Lady Wildcats early with seven first-half points, and she controlled the inside game for VPS.
After the first quarter, VPS had a 10-4 lead and they were able to stretch that to 23-13 at halftime thanks in large part to the play of Kaitilin Reilley and Maryrose Vigorita, who along with Kolbeck scored all but two of the Wildcats’ first half points.
The Broncs, who play in the High Desert League, came out in the second half behind the shooting of guard Lupita Anzaldo and proved that they would be worthy opponents. Late in the third quarter, Kern Valley cut the VPS lead to seven points and appeared to be on the verge of making a run at the Wildcats.
Those hopes were dashed when freshman Madison Harwell hit two big second half shots and grabbed a few key rebounds to slam the door on Kern Valley’s momentum.
Kolbeck led the Wildcats in scoring with 12 points, followed by Reilley, who scored 10. Anzaldo led all scorers with 16 points in a losing effort.
With the win, the Lady Wildcats have advanced to the quarterfinals tonight against Rosamond at 7:30 p.m. The Roadrunners come to town with a 23-3, 10-0 record and they are riding a 14-game win streak, just one shy of the Lady Wildcat’s 15-game streak.
The winner will take on the winner of the La Reina vs. Whittier Christian game in the semifinals on Saturday. Check for tonight’s play-offs updates.

Toads win thriller, 47-46

Final-seconds' three-pointer by Chris Thomas against Newbury Park Adventist advances Thacher in basketball play-offs

By Mike Miller
Thacher head coach Jason Carney called his team’s second-round play-off win against Newbury Park Adventist, “One of the most exciting sporting events that I have ever been around.” The Toads extended their play-off run last Friday night with an epic win on a deep three-point basket by senior Chris Thomas with only 15 seconds left in the game, giving Thacher the 47-46 win.
The Toads were down, but not out, late in the game. Trailing by 11 points with less than five minutes to play in the game, Thacher got down to business as they chipped away at the 11-point deficit. They were led by Thomas, who scored 16 points and grabbed eight rebounds. Due to an injury and illness, Josh Jackson was asked to step up and he delivered in a big way with nine points and nine rebounds.
Jackson gave the Toads valuable minutes down the stretch and gave his team a one-point lead with 58 seconds to play. Newbury Park Adventist scored again, giving them the 46-44 lead. Carney said, “We called time with 30 seconds left and set up a play for Trevor (Currie); they double-teamed him and he calmly hit Chris (Thomas) for the game winner.”
“Our kids showed so much heart down the stretch and gutted out an enormous victory. Unbelievable,” added Carney.
With the win, the Toads earned another shot at the Rosamond Roadrunners. Rosamond bounced Thacher out of the play-offs last season with a 47-26 win in the semifinals. Rosamond comes into this matchup as the No. 1 seed this year and they have an impressive 22-5 record on the season.
Carney said, “They have everyone back except for one guy and they have once again earned the No. 1 seed. It will be an extremely tall order for us, but the guys are thrilled to have the opportunity to play a team of this caliber and will be up for the challenge.”
The game was played last night at Rosamond.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thacher Boys Win First Round Contest

Chris Thomas and Austin Krause both scored 14 points as the Toads kicked off their 2008 play-off run in style by beating the California Military Institute, 56-41. Thacher used a 24-2 run in the first half to take a 31-15 lead into half time and they never looked back from there. See Friday's edition of the OVN for details and stats from tonight's big win for the Toads.

Tip Off Time Changed In Thacher Game

The Thacher boys' basketball team will tip off at 6:30pm tonight against the California Military Institute rather than the standard CIF play-off time of 7:30pm. The game will be played at Thacher.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ojai Valley Basketball Teams Headed To Post Season

Three local teams have earned the right to extend their seasons in hopes of winning a CIF-SS title. The Thacher boys' team will play first. They will host the California Military Academy on Wed., Feb. 13. The Thacher girls' squad will also host their first round play-off game when they welcome Victor Valley Christian on Thurs., Feb. 14.

The Villanova Lady Wildcats earned a bye in the first round due to their number four seed. VPS will play the winner of Kern Valley and Newbury Park Adventist. Villanova will host the second round game on Sat., Feb. 16. All games are slated to start at 7:30pm unless agreed upon by the two schools. See Wednesday's OVN for more information on these match-ups.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Villanova girls’ hoops win league title

43-38 win over Carpinteria earns ‘Cats’ basketball play-off berth

By Mike Miller

One statement can sum up the seniors on the Villanova girls’ basketball team; they are winners. With their 43-38 win at Carpinteria last Tuesday night, the Lady Wildcats were crowned Frontier League champions. This latest title is the fourth for the trio of Maryrose Vigorita, Kaitlin Reilley and Hannah Hoffman, in their four years as varsity players.
With the win against Carpinteria, the Lady Wildcats have stretched their winning streak to an impressive 12 games. VPS played La Reina last night as they attempted to go undefeated in Frontier League play. With the Wildcats being on such a torrid streak, you can bet that not many teams will be happy to see them in their CIF play-off bracket when the post season tips off next week.
The current seniors are sporting some impressive credentials. Vigorita has averaged 6.1 points per game, 2.3 rebounds and 1.3 steals a game in league play. Off the court she is a member of the California Scholarship Federation, was awarded the Coach’s Award and Wildcat Award in tennis this year, and received All-League Honorable Mention honors last year in basketball. She has earned a GPA of 3.7 while at Villanova and plans to pursue a career in early childhood development. She has already been accepted to Cal Lutheran, Whittier College, and San Francisco State.
Hoffman has also been solid in league play for head coach Sarah Angell. She has averaged 7.4 points, five rebounds and four assists per contest. Hoffman received an All-League Honorable Mention honors in volleyball this year and was a member of the All Academic Team. Last year in basketball, she received First Team All-League honors in basketball and was named to the Second Team All-CIF. Hoffman has earned a GPA of 4.1 while at Villanova. She plans to pursue a career in communications and has already been accepted to University of San Francisco, San Francisco State, and St. Mary’s College.
Reilley has been the anchor for the Lady Wildcats this year, averaging 11.9 points and 5.8 rebounds per Frontier League contest. She has earned First Team All-League honors in volleyball, track and basketball and was selected to First Team All-CIF last year in basketball. Reilly plans to pursue a career in psychology and has already been accepted to San Francisco State but her top choices include Santa Clara University and St. Mary’s College.
Check the OVN web site next week for updates and to see who the Wildcats will play in the first round of the play-offs along with a complete breakdown of their play-off game.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

VPS Girls Earn Frontier League Title

With their narrow win over Carpinteria last night, the Lady Wildcats earned the title of league champions as they improved their overall record to 16-7 and 9-0 in league. VPS will look to go undefeated in league play tomorrow night when they travel to La Reina to play their regular season finale. This league title is the fourth in the last four years for Villanova's senior class. See Friday's OVN for a run-down of the three seniors.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thacher Beats 'Nova By 19 Points

It was cold and wet outside this evening, but inside the Thacher gym things were heating up between Thacher and Villanova as the two school’s boys’ basketball teams faced off. Thacher used a 19-6 third quarter burst to defeat the Wildcats, 59-40. The Toads led by three going into halftime, but they used their inside dominance and defense to break the game open. Chris Thomas led the Toads with 12 points and Todd Robie scored eight points for the Wildcats, but he did most of his damage on the defense end of the court. See Wednesday’s OVN for more details of Thacher’s big win.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Nordhoff Falls To Carpinteria, 39-36

The Nordhoff Rangers boys' basketball team gave the favored Carpinteria Warriors all they could handle tonight in their Tri-Valley League opener. The Rangers battled back from a double-digit deficit and had an opportunity to tie the game twice on three point attempts by Nick Colburn and Jonathan Bower with only seconds to play, but both shots came up just short. NHS was led by junior Matt Smith and his eight points. Garrett Graham hit two huge three point buckets to help close the gap late in the game. The Rangers did a great job on Carpinteria's Jacob Ranger, holding him to only 11 points. Ranger had been averaging over 26 points per contest. See Wednesday's OVN for more stats and quotes from head coach Mike Probyn.