Thursday, December 18, 2008

Skate Park gets temporary fix

Photo by Sunday Rylander

Volunteers of all ages came out in full force Saturday to clean and repair the temporary Skate Park in downtown Ojai.
The crew painted the front, back and sides of the half pipe, erradicated graffiti and added fresh paint, filled more than 13 bags with leaves, fixed screws sticking out of the half pipe and other ramps and fixed the fence.
They also replaced rotten wood and painted it, then used the skate light for a new feature and created a new ramp in the right corner of the park to replace the pyramid that was taken out a while back.
People also cleaned out all the trash behind the wall, weeded the planter on the back wall, picked up trash from in and around the Skate Park, replaced missing railing and cleaned up old wood and materials.
“We found two bike racks and pulled them into the Skate Park and the kids immediately started using them to put their bikes in,” said Sunday Rylander. “It was such a great experience and the kids were stoked to get the park back in shape, since we will be using it for the next seven months until demo starts on the new concrete skate park.
“Once again we were able to pull it off with no budget, donations from the many Skate Park supporters and some hard work. A special thank-you to the parents who hung out all day and shared their time and skills with everyone: Wendy Hilgers, Dave England, Mark Highlove, Carl Rylander, Moe, Michael Meagher, Judy Gabriel, Bobbi Woodz and Joanna England.”