Friday, November 16, 2007

Rangers Win OT Thriller

The Nordhoff Rangers lived on the edge all night long, but lived to see another day as they beat the Nipomo Titans in a thrilling 23-20 play-off game. The Rangers were leading the game 20-13 until the Titans tied the score when they scored with only 27 seconds to play. David Brown kicked the game winning 37 yard field goal in overtime. See Wednesday's OVN for the full story and quotes from star running back/linebacker Damian Kaiser and head coach Cliff Farrar. Also see who NHS will play in next week's play-off match up.


Anonymous said...

never EVVVERRR trade points for yards... EVVVVVERRRRR!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Odd call to be sure...especially with Graham on the bench. I'd have taken my chances in double OT. Easy for me to say on the sidelines though!